Special Considerations For An Above-Garage Addition


Whether you are building an art studio or just adding extra space, an above-garage addition can be one of the greatest investments you can make in your home. Like any home improvement project, there are several things you need to consider when building an above-garage addition. Here are a few special considerations to ponder before you start building. 

Make Sure You're in the Zone

The zoning code that it is. Making sure that you have the proper zoning codes and building permits are important. The last thing you want to do is be slapped with several fines because you didn't follow city or county protocol.

Build a Strong Foundation

Before you start swinging your sledgehammer, be sure to check the foundation. Just because your house looks the part doesn't necessarily mean the garage itself can withstand an extra room on top. You may need to make preparations, such as adding additional support beams or installing headers.

Make It Look Pretty

Step outside and take a look at your house. Look over the garage and imagine an addition on top of it. What do you see? If, in your mind, it looks mismatched or lopsided then you should probably reconsider the addition.

Hire a Plumber…and Maybe an Electrician

As a matter of fact, consider talking to a contractor. Hiring professionals may seem extreme, but it beats getting electrocuted or watching a movie while sitting on the roof of your car. A professionally licensed contractor won't steer you wrong.

The Alignment Factor

Once you are ready to go through with the project, take a look at the blueprints of your house. This is where you need to decide how to align the above-garage addition with any second story floors. This could mean taking out a window or two or adjusting the measurements of the garage walls.

One easy way of figuring out what may have to go lies in determining how the transition of the addition to the new house is going to look. Whether it be by way of the bedroom, hallway, closet, or a separate entrance, this will help you to decide what adjustments are necessary.

Finally, when adding an above-garage addition, be original. Add splashes of color. Make it a yoga studio, a movie room, or whatever your heart desires. It's your space and primed for your creativity. Your above-garage addition should speak to who you are and what you like. So be bizarre, be unique, and have a blast! Contact a local outlet, such as Garage flooring Lloydminster, for further assistance.


5 January 2016

Integrating and Saving Art in Old Buildings Through Restoration

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