Gutter Safety Tips To Keep In Mind This Spring


As you clean your gutters out this spring, make sure that you keep the following safety tips in mind.

#1 Use The Right Ladder

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are using a safe and sturdy ladder. The ladder you use for cleaning your gutters should be capable of holding at least a five gallon bucket. There should be a hook near the top of the ladder where you can hang up the bucket. You'll need easy access to it as you put the debris from your gutters into the bucket.

For a home that is only one story tall, a four-legged stepladder is the more secure ladder option. If you have sides of your home that are taller, a two legged ladder is your next best choice. For two story homes, an extension ladder is generally the safety way to go.

No matter what type of ladder you use, you should always inspect it to make sure that no parts are loose or damaged before you climb on it.

#2 Secure The Bucket

You should not hold onto the bucket where you are putting all the gutter waste with your hands. Your hands will have enough to do. If you are using a four legged or two legged ladder, there should be a hook you can hang your bucket from. 

If you are using an extension ladder, put the handle of the bucket around the top step of the ladder so it is hanging off the side. 

#3 Empty The Bucket Before Its Full 

A five gallon bucket full of decomposing leaves and waste can be extremely heavy. Don't wait for the bucket to be completely full before bringing it down the ladder. You don't want to fall and lose your balance because you failed to empty out the bucket soon enough. 

Empty out the bucket when it gets about half-way full. That way, you can still manage to carry the bucket and get off the ladder yourself in a safe manner. 

#4 Keep An Eye Out For Power Lines

As you are cleaning your gutters, keep an eye out for power lines. If any of the power lines connected on or near your home are loose, call your power company to repair the line before you attempt to clean out your gutters. 

Even if your power lines are secure, you should not work near power lines with a metal ladder. If you do get electrocuted, metal conducts electricity. Instead, use a fiberglass ladder if you have to work near power lines.

Before you clean your gutters this spring, make sure that your ladder is up for the job. Always place your ladder so that it is secure and stable, and let someone know that you will be up on a ladder cleaning your gutters. Take care of your safety before you take care of your gutters. Alternatively, get help from a local service, like clean gutters by Nick's Gutters.


4 March 2016

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